Daarken mentorship studies
Chris waller week1 composition thumbnails comp

Value studies from references.

Chris waller week1 invented thumb comp

Invented value thumbnails/sketches after value studies.

Chris waller week11 animals furry final

Fur study.

Chris waller week12 building small

Building study.

Chris waller week11 animals scaly final

Scaly critter study.

Chris waller week2 still life v small

Still life value study. (not enough contrast is my motto, apparently)

Chris waller week3 materials comp

Material studies.

Chris waller week5 night small

Night version of day/night environment.

Chris waller week10 female final small

Female face study. My achilles heel.

Chris waller week6 masterstudy small

Master study.

Chris waller week4 homework

Still life from photo.

Chris waller week7 moviestill small

film/TV still study (from that tv show black sails - wanted a challenge with many figures etc. - was hard!)

Chris waller week10 hand final small

Hand of a farrier; skin study.

Chris waller week8 landscape small

Environment study.

Chris waller week5 day small

Day version of the day/night environment.

Chris waller week10 male final small

Male face study

Chris waller week11 animals feathery final

Feathers study.

Daarken mentorship studies

I did a 12 week course with Mike Lim last year - I found it a great refresher and my only non self taught art training since many years ago. A great experience 10/10, would do again. :) Figure I might as well post it up for posterity.

No colour picking or other digital 'cheats' - measuring with grid was used to plot the proportions etc. in some cases. It was really good eye-brain training and while some of the content is rather mundane (my choice!) it served me well.

More artwork
Chris waller week9 male final small